• Wellness Starts Within

    Only by understanding yourself and defining your own goals can you start to excel.

    A compendium of knowledge and determination is locked within our DNA which allows us to succeed in life. Unlock the molecular secrets of your genetic code with My REVIV and realize your full potential through customized therapies recommended by our team of scientists.

    The Human Body Contains Approximately 30,000 genes

    Learn more about genetics and what your genes can tell you.

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    •  What Our Tests Can Reveal For You

      REVIV offers 5 distinct genetic analysis covering profiles in Nutrition, Beauty, Weight, Sports, and Health. The journey is simple. Order the tests online at Shop REVIV or directly through our Flagship wellness clinics. Once you receive your test kit, collect your DNA sample via non-invasive mouth swabs and follow the instructions. You will receive your results within weeks.

      How it works

      Collect your DNA

      Scientific analysis

      Discover yourself

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      Start your nutritional journey today and immerse yourself into a healthier lifestyle with a revolutionary package personalized to you.
      Start your own health revolution! REVIV’s unique wellness package MyCore will not only tell you what genetically you should or shouldn’t eat but will give you personalized guidance on how to interpret your unique results and make the changes that will truly change your life.



      They say that ‘beauty comes from within’ and it’s true, the real facts about how we age come from within our family genetics and understanding these facts enables us to take effective action to deliver visible effects.

      Sports, Nutrition


      If you’re serious about improving your sports performance you need this test in your life! By analyzing your nutrition and athletic profile to identify key factors such as muscle structure, inflammation and oxidative stress, REVIV can help you reach your peak.

      Beauty, Nutrition, Weight


      We all want to look and feel our best, through understanding your genetic make up and how other internal and external factors influence your physical appearance you’ll never again waste time and money on the latest gimmicky diets or beauty regimes that always fail to deliver the promised results.

      Health, Nutrition, Weight


      The test with the power to change your life forever! Analyzing over 110 genetic variations to give you a unique insight into the real you. This once in a lifetime purchase will guide on how to live your best life including a detailed overview of the foods, nutrients and medications that can either extend your life or drastically reduce it.