Health, Nutrition, Weight

The test with the power to change your life forever! Analyzing over 110 genetic variations to give you a unique insight into the real you. This once in a lifetime purchase will guide on how to live your best life including a detailed overview of the foods, nutrients and medications that can either extend your life or drastically reduce it.

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Analyses includes

Risk factor for >35 conditions, inc. Alzheimer’s disease
Comprehensive, personalized preventative health plan
Lifestyle recommendations for risk minimization
Pharmacogenetics; your body’s reaction to >500 drugs
Recommended treatments and drug dosages
Evaluation of >1000 food types based on your genes
Personalized nutritional plan for healthy weight management
Analysis of weight gain through carbohydrates v. fats
Identification of potential food intolerances
Recommended intake for >20 vitamins & minerals

Health, Nutrition, Weight



Our Health analysis examines our genetic risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and cancer. Genes do not change, but having the genes that code for a disease does not necessarily mean you will get it, many disease-risk genes that require lifestyle factors to activate them.

Being aware of a genetic predisposition to a condition can be very valuable, as when these genes are analyzed alongside nutrition specific genes, a comprehensive and effective preventative health plan can be determined to enable you to remain healthy.

The Weight analysis will reveal whether you are more likely to gain weight from carbohydrates or fats, your ability to feel full or hungry, even how likely your body is to yo-yo between periods of dieting. This information, alongside a list of over 1000 different foods, provides you with the accurate and vital information you need to help reach or maintain your ideal weight.

Our Nutrition analysis shows how your genetics affect the way your body absorbs, converts and utilizes certain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc) and food ingredients. With this knowledge, we can determine your individual nutritional requirement for specific body systems, and provide you with a detailed and specific individual recommended daily allowance for all the nutrients.